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First of all is editing resolv.conf the only way to add the ISP’s DNS? I searched for and hour in the GUI but couldnt find a way to do it from there.

Look at the menu “DNS” -> “Forwarders”. Add comma-separated list of ISP DNS for domain “ANY”.

Second I added a gateway in the GUI so everything on the router side works perfect. I can ping from it. But the connect computer cant acces the web. How to fix that.

Look at the menu “Router” -> “NAT”. Put external interface on the right side “Nat enabled interfaces”.

Also I want to ask how to make DHCP work. I enabled it but it doesnt seem to work.

For DHCP server first add subnet on your internal interface. The rest of its configuration is really simple.

My goal is to achieve to create a network that will allow me to have multiple web and mail servers behind one real IP.

Use menu “Router” -> “Virtual server” and follow the tips on that page.