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hi all.
been very busy at school and have had no time to pick up this project again.
ppalias i read that due to the fact that the proxy is running as well then iptable commands need to be entered manually etc, all this is far outside my abilities so i built another box just to be used for qos.
i placed this between the network switch and the gateway and proxy (another zs box).
i have read the traffic shaping document found here and this is where i get lost.
the box has 2 nics all recognised by zs and i have configured them to link the student network and the zs gateway and proxy using the default gateway option in the router section.
i then enabled qos on both nics and set about testing the config, playing with the default class for unclassified traffic, i can alter this and throttle traffic down but when i test this live at school the limit is shared by the students as opposed to each student having his own limit. also i can create classes (for example a faster speed for me using ip or mac) but they have no effect, in fact i think that there is no classification of traffic at all.
i tried a bridge, however i couldn’t get the bridge to pass through to the gateway.
i really need to get to grips with qos, i know i have a deficit in my knowledge that i am furiously making up (or trying to) using google.
but could anyone help me out a little with a real basic qos setup?
my aim is to have 2 classes for all traffic (as i block p2p at the port level using the gateway) one called students (150kbps down / 20kbps up) and another called admins (unlimited for me essentially so i can download large files when and as needed).
i think my problem is the bridge or router part.
any ideas?
thanks again.