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hello Fulvio
I have a good basic knowledge of networks. Because of the layout of the GUI it was simple to configure zeroshell. Sometimes it was a little bit tricky but after the 3rd install/config etc. I had a stable transp. proxy with clamav. The documentation was sufficient. ( Then I tested QOS etc. When I had probs I used a backup of my stable zeroshell-config.
It works for me “out of the box”and I love it. I forget to say the wireless functions of zeroshell are also great … aah und it works also out of the box with a UMTS-USB

Your work is brilliant 😯

I would like to write a doc for updating clamav 🙄

but at the moment I am not able to. I don´t know HOW

Now I am testing a combination of pfsense/m0n0wall + zeroshell.