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That did the trick. Firmware upgrade to 1.33 fixes the issue with GRUB. Was able to boot into Zeroshell and begin playing. While I do realize it’s still in beta-form, a couple of things I noticed:

a) having to create DNS zones for each interface is tedious
b) no real traffic graphs/measurements
c) firewall makes no assumptions; there are no “aliases” that allow a user to say “this interface is my lan, this is my wan” etc and is also tedious to configure as everything has to be done by hand
d) dhcp does not seem to support dynamic updates; hosts have to be manually added to each DNS zone

All in all, I’m still quite impressed with the project but what takes me minutes to configure in m0n0wall would take several hours to port over to Zeroshell.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the project as it progresses as I’d like to give it another chance when it matures some more.

Excellent work all involved.