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@samiux wrote:


Your distribution is great. Thank for your hard work.

I disabled the HTTP proxy. The surfing speed of the intranet to internet, when OpenVPN is connected, is improved a lot. However, it is not so responsive than without the OpenVPN connection.

The response time of OpenVPN client is greater than intranet nodes in general. Strange?

How about if I want to implement the HTTP Proxy also? Any solution?

By the way, the OpenVPN client will be disconnected automatically. What can I do with it to make it online until I disconnect it?


The HTTP Proxy is disabled.

Sometimes, I need to stop the current loading of page (it shows connecting to a host) and re-click the link or refresh button to reload the page in order to load it completely. The OpenVPN is still connecting.

When the is streaming or watching at OpenVPN client, the intranet nodes cannot surf the internet anymore until the video is finished.


The problem seems to be solved when I select http-proxy to capture ETH01 only and reboot the gigabit switch.

Thanks for your attention.