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I’ve encapsulated BOND00 in BRIDGE00 and activated DHCP on it, now the problem with the discover messages seems to be gone! That’s great, thanks.

My idea of bonding with fail-over only for VPN was that the VPN would stay alive in a event of link failure, or just with only a few secs of downtime. Isn’t it true that the Net Balancer fail-over would take longer to happen than having two active tunnels of which one gets down and bonding is doing the fail-over part instead? If not, than I can see it’s much easier to just setup one tunnel and let Net Balancer do the fail-over.

I’ll have to test fail-over again with the bonded VPN being bridged, maybe that now also works as expected. I’ll let you know if that is the case.

Thanks a lot.

– Joost

I’ve tested fail-over today by pulling WAN1’s plug, but BOND00 still doesn’t fail-over. It sees that VPN01 is down, but simply won’t change the active slave. Other traffic does, as said before, fail-over as expected.