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@ilNebbioso wrote:

is this procedure valid also if I manually changed some settings (for example VLANs, as we discussed on this forum in the past? Does Backup/Restore keeps these settings?
Thank you!

When I messed with VMware Tools on ZS, I found that anything stored in /Database gets saved when I export the profile. That included any VMware Tools files I put there when following xmas79’s original installation instructions.

/Database is linked to whatever the active profile directory is. /DB, by comparison, is where these profiles are stored. Anything stored in the beginning of /DB is available to all profiles.

These days I put VMTools in /DB instead, to avoid polluting individual profiles. But it shows that any customization you do does get exported, as long as you store said customizations in /Database. The actual ZS installation is still on a CD-ROM image, even if that image is on a hard drive or flash partition, so you’re not going to easily corrupt that.