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It appears that when a connection is made, in my case a download through the web, gets the connection limits. Then when another connection is made, say a speedtest, or another download, it is a new connection, thus getting a whole other separate set of limits.

You could set the overall bandwidth for the ETH01 (LAN) in my case, to 10megs. Then initiate 10 separate downloads, and each will knock down limit by limit, individually, from limit1, limit2, limit3, and so forth. That’s how it works on mine. Each download goes separately through its own tiers. makes sense, since it’s connection oriented. If one connection is held open for however long, then it will go into its limits accordingly, and does not effect other connections, each is stateful in its own. If I download something, it goes into it’s default BW at 10megs, then knocked back to 512k lets say, after 5megs of transfer. Now 9.5megs of BW are free and becomes the default. Initiate another download, it will default at 9.5megs BW, then after 5megs, goes into 512k. Now 9megs is the default, until one of the two goes into the next tier.

Like the old saying about HTB QoS, it’s like filling a bucket with water, and shooting wholes at it. I won’t go into detail about the bucket thing, you can google it. It’s basically emptying water out through a whole, the download, then how ever much water is emptied, the whole will go into the next limit, and get smaller. The water that should have been emptied, which is now cut in half lets say, gets put back into the bucket.