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I updated a Linksys router with DD-WRT (Linux OS) and tried to configure a WDS connection between the two and it did not work. The Linksys DD-WRT was to authenticating on Zeroshell.

The Zeroshell IP address for the WDS was set to
The Linksys DD-WRT IP Address was set to
I did not use any encryption and broadcasting its SIDD.
I tried the LAN and P2P option and DD-WRT but they will not connect.
I tired turning off the WAN and still not connection.
I even configured DHCP on Zeroshell and still no success on Linksys DD-WRT connecting.

Using the Linksys DD-WRT as a client works fine, but that is not what I am trying to do.

Can you provide me with some directions on Zeroshell end? If you are knowledgeable on Linksys DD-WRT and is to provide direction, it would greatly be appreciated.
Thank You;
Matthew Squires


I am building a new Zeroshell router to configuring, test and push for deployment of a WDS Network.

***To Confirm My Understanding***
On Zeroshell #2, I set it up as in AP with WDS?
On Zeroshell #2 the SIDD and Security must be the same as on Zeroshell #1?
Zeroshell #1 & #2 WDS must be on the Subnet?

With this, Zeroshell #2 will act as a Wireless Bridge and the IP Address assignments will still come from Zeroshell #1, is that correct?