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OK I have tried release b9 and – as you suspected – it loads up in Virtual Iron just as b10 does.

I do a uname -a and I get kernel

I assign two virtual NICs, they both appear, I can get in to the Web admin etc. The NICs show up as as Realtek 8139, 8139C, 8139+ rev. 20 for either version. These are the 100Mb drivers, the Virtual Iron tools enable 1Gb.

This morning I have noticed a new problem actually, in that the hard disk presented from the SAN, but to GOS it’s a SCSI HDD.

I think I created the profile / DB ok, but when I rebooted ZS, the profile is not found. Once back in ZS web interface, the disk is there to be seen, as is the DB, but there are no ‘profile’ settings. When I look at the filesystem I see the _DB.001.AUX file (250MB)..

So not really sure how to load my profile back – I’ wondering if this is a problem with the virtual environment, but it’s just presenting a ‘normal’ disk, so I don’t see how!?

If it were possible to simple copy everything to the HDD, and therefore booting everything right off the SAN, that would be the best way to do it I think… is there a ‘copy ZS to local HDD’ option anywhere?

Anyway – hope this info helps.