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Hi Fulvio,

Well I downloaded the ZS ISO, uploaded it to the VM ISO repo, selected it as the boot source, and wham bam – it works. So I guess therefore it uses the standard kernel?

Virtual Iron is a bit ‘special’ (so it has something in common with ZeroShell already!) in that there is *far* less overhead on the VM – you get near native performance. Pretty cool stuff.

They get this, because they have implemented “Native Virtualisation over Paravirtualisation”. So basically, I guess native.

Is this good news or bad news!!?

I also notice the following paragraph in the ‘Tools’ README:

“Newer guest OS releases may contain bundled Xen virtualization features. In
particular, in SLES 10 SP1 certain Xen kernel components are installed by
default and conflict with the Virtual Iron binary drivers. The packages
containing these components must be removed prior to successfully installing
the binary Virtual Iron package, whether using the prebuilt Virtual Iron tools
or building your own from the source kit.”

I have the .tar source kit if that might help?