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If i could get this to work, then all my problems would be solved.

I have looked at M0n0wal, IPCOP, many many other solutions and none of them allow all the following – which I think are required for placing in front of web servers in a web farm:

Create ‘real’ multiple IPs on WAN interface, port forward NAT to VLANs. Boot from CD. Recognize Intel Gigabit NICs. Have a web GUI that enables you to control (pretty much everything).

So I am very pleased to have found ZeroShell – to me it’s the only thing that comes close to my requirement list. I’m not knocking the other products, but I think ZS is just the best fit for my type of need.

Having been used to commercial firewall GUIs that ‘hide’ stuff like firewall chains etc for a while, and not being a linux guru, I’m a bit lost with stuff like iptables.

If I ask very nicely – is there a chance, you could provide an example script for me?

In an example, say my two WAN IPs on (ETH01) are, and – and I want to send port 80 through from these IPs to, and respectively.

I need to look at the start up scripts, but I’m assuming that it’s a checkbox or something to enable it?

I could use this script to work out how stuff is done, and then I could (finally) lay this project to rest!

One last thing Fulvio – do you have a page on your website which lists Paypal donations? I’m not saying you need to show names of people, but just the amount. If people know that people are donating (or perhaps that people are not!?) then I think they will be more likely to give something.

I think it’s important to give something, for recognition at least!