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I’ll leave the CIFS vs. NFS discussion to those that know more about the administration issues. I’m running FreeNAS with CIFS, and it works great. I’m assuming that NFS can be mounted (or at least files opened) by Windoze boxes – right? If not, then I would prefer CIFS as an available service.

I’d love to get ZS up and running, but am unwilling to nuke my FreeNAS box to do so, which it currently appears is required. If there is a thread somewhere about how to install ZS on a FreeNAS box and have both coexist, I would appreciate a pointer.

BTW, since my NAS is semi-public (among my family), all data is stored in TrueCrypt containers – so if someone does compromise the box, all they get is a bunch of huge (100GB) files they cannot do anything with.