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Hi all,

Sorry Yce_kelvin & JR_Ewing, but this is true if you’re willing to use it in a professional domain, for myslf, I got the intention to build an embedded device (Soekris 5501) as a Home Lan/Wlan router to which I’d like to get attached a NAS also from which I’d share a printer and of course some of the provided features already available within Zersell (Proxy-AntiVirus, LDAP server…). I wonder if FreeNAS or any NAS ditro would make one of these features available !!!

Fulvio is willing to provide SAMBA as an external package (Meaning optional package) thing that’d make me happy.

I guess replacing CIFS by NFS would be a good idea if the net work is based on Linux/Unix/Mac Machines, but do you think Windows based Machines could access to such file sharing protocol ?

Thanks for everybody’s advice