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Fulvio, thanks for your fast reply.

I’ve used ipsec VPNs where the VPN setup has the public IP address of the remote site, and the subnet and mask of the remote site that will be routed via the VPN. So I tried a similar concept here–that’s why I’m confused.

My goal is to link Site A with Site B For example: A client machine at Site B, connect to a server at Site A Or a print job from Site A would print at Site B.

I’d like to access all the other subnets at Site B from Site A, too.

Zeroshell is used as the internet router at both ends. ETH00 is the lan, and ETH01 is the internet gateway.

Site B is a new building for the company and needs multiple subnets. The Zeroshell router is used to route between Site B’s subnets and connect to the internet.

Site A is the old building and is where everyone works now. People will move to Site B a few at a time over the next few months, then we’ll shut down Site A.