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I’ve been using the new version 11 of Zeroshell, and it’s working great.

I still don’t understand how to configure the LAN to LAN VPN. The VPN00 tunnel is connecting, and the VPN log shows it is working, but I can’t connect to IPs on the other side. tcpdump shows VPN packets sending and receiving, too.

Site A:
ETH00 is
ETH01 is the internet gateway

VPN00 has addresses assigned to it: as VLAN 15 as VLAN 23
– – – – –
Site B:
ETH00 has as VLAN 15 as VLAN 23 non vlan.
ETH01 is the internet gateway.

VPN00 has the address assigned to it:

From Site B, I can ping , but can’t ping anything else in the 192.168.0.x subnet at Site A — “destination unreachable”. Pinging from Site B to A doesn’t work either. I don’t see any open ports over the VPN.

If I view the route list from Site B, I see an auto route to using VPN00.

What am I missing here?