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buildroot allows an easy way to maintain embedded projects and port them to other architectures. While I haven’t investigated thoroughly, it would seem that uclibc and busybox in place of glibc, bash and apache would decrease the footprint size substantially, even if the gcc libstdc++ was kept. glibc is huge.

For learning purposes and fun, I was going to attempt a port of zeroshell to a little old alpha machine and see how well it handles routing for home use. If it turned out to be too slow, I would look for a more powerful embedded solution. The consumer routers are too slow for my needs, yet I don’t want to run a full pc 24/7 to route. I was looking at your project because it offers a nice easy way to configure vpns/nat/qos/radius without a nasty mess of shell scripts like I’m using now :X. What drew me to it initially was the freeradius server and wireless management integration, along with a solid web interface. There are other router projects out there, but none seem to do all of this competently while being completely open source. openwrt comes closest but its web interface is lacking. This is why I was asking about ‘kerbynet’ and I understand perfectly if you want to keep that closed. It appears like it’s the hub of the whole project. I was just inquiring.