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not sure if this is lucky or unlucky, i have the same problem again today

i am on release 1.0 beta 11 (i will update to beta 12 today)
net balancer trick is implemented

what i further observed is quite interesting
* if i use the ip check under utilities, i cannot ping -> line is dead
* if i click the “test” button in net balancer, it pings all 3 ip no problem

unplug RJ11 and plug back doesn’t solve the issue, i have to untick the “UP” checkbox of ppp0 then tick it again to get the internet running

when RJ11 is unplugged, i have also clicked on the “test” button, the ping fails this time. but after i plug back the RJ11, it did not redial

for net balancer, i have the mode set to “failover”, “ICMP failover checking” enabled and “immediately restart PPPoE and 3G Mobile” set to yes

any thoughts?