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hi fulvio, wonder if you can help out here. my zeroshell is hosted on a dedicated machine, not using vmware or virtualbox, and is connecting directly to my adsl modem

since changing to zeroshell about a month ago, i had a few issues with pppoe disconnection that it does not reconnect automatically. not sure if this is a configuration issue or else, but if i reconnect manually, the internet comes back again. below is log of today’s disconnection. any idea what’s happening?

19:07:47 No response to 3 echo-requests
19:07:47 Serial link appears to be disconnected.
19:07:47 Connect time 9952.8 minutes.
19:07:47 Sent 2772948247 bytes, received 2901946436 bytes.
19:07:48 Connection terminated.
19:07:51 Exit.
20:17:51 pppd 2.4.3 started by root, uid 0
20:17:51 Using interface ppp0
20:17:51 Connect: ppp0 /dev/pts/0
20:17:55 PAP authentication succeeded
20:17:55 local IP address
20:17:55 remote IP address