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After I posted my question, I googled a bit more into this feature. I know it is possible to configure it in Linux. I’ve done it before (using a Red Had linux distro).

And yes that is an option, to use a distro for that , but then I loose zeroshell…..

So I first looked at the script that Manu Poletti suggested.
I’ve put it in the script/cron section of zeroshell, but it doesn’t work. It needs for pearlscripting. And I can’t install that .

Oh…. I use the zeroshell virtualmachine version. (booting from iso).
And I can’t use the version that installs on a HDD, because it doesn’t support SCSI. And esx doesn’t support IDE.

So after some googling I found this page

I found out that the named.conf file to modify is not in /etc but in /Database/var/register/system/dns

I modified the named.conf as suggested in the link (mentioned above).
Then I tested it with the nsupdate command.
It works until I send the update.
I tried nsupdate with my generated key, and I got a error message that it didn’t recognize my key.
I tried it also with the rndc-key that was already configured in the named.conf, but got also another error that the named deamon couldn’t write to a file ( guess this is because the file is in the cd-image).

I think the solution mentioned in the url is the right direction to implement this feature. But I can’t translate it to the configuration of zeroshell….

anyone else who can ?
or give me tips ?