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@VeFeh wrote:

I have tried L7 sip pattern and it didn’t work for me..

Try by specifying ports.. Sip is UDP 5060

That works in a sense that port-based classification identifies VoIP traffic in statistics. Don’t know yet if it helps to improve voice quality though.

After looking at L7 manager, I have a question: are there actual protocol pattern definitions in Zeroshell? There seems to be only bunch of comments.

# SIP - Session Initiation Protocol - Internet telephony - RFC 3261, 3265, etc.
# Pattern attributes: good fast fast
# Protocol groups: voip ietf_proposed_standard
# Wiki:
# Copyright (C) 2008 Matthew Strait, Ethan Sommer; See ../LICENSE
# This pattern has been tested with the Ubiquity SIP user agent and has been
# confirmed by at least one other user.
# Thanks to Ankit Desai for this pattern. Updated by tehseen sagar.
# SIP typically uses port 5060.
# This pattern is based on SIP request format as per RFC 3261. I'm not
# sure about the version part. The RFC doesn't say anything about it, so
# I have allowed version ranging from 0.x to 2.x.
#Request-Line = Method SP Request-URI SP SIP-Version CRLF

Not to hijack the thread, but once we are on QOS topic, is there any way to prioritize VPN traffic? I work from home using company laptop, which has Aventail VPN software installed. It uses a hard token for authentication. How can I set up a rule to prioritize its traffic 2nd to VoIP and give the rest lower priority?