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thank you for your post. I want to do exactly the same with my two internet connections. Up today I had just a 20.000MBit ADSL2+ connection, but now I got 32.000MBit Cable. So now I want to link both connection together to a “virtual” line of about 47.000 – 50.000MBit.
Well, on one side I have the zeroshell box with 3 Ethernet interfaces (ETH0 = LAN, ETH1=ADSL2+, ETH2=Cable) and on the other side I have a high end machine in the datacenter with two public IP Addresses running openVPN. Now I create some static routes to connect through different ISP to the openVPN Server. Now I have tap0 and tap1 interfaces on my zeroshell box and bond it together to a new bond0 interface.
But in the next step I need a little bit of help. I have only tap0 on my data center server. There I cannot bond the tap devices together to a bond0. So what do I have to do? Can you please give me a hint?