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@fulvio wrote:

maybe its a possibility to add the captive-portal-user-name to the syslog entries?

Yes, it is possible, but in any case, if your LAN produces many connections per second this operation could be a CPU intensive process.

i don’t have a huge server, only a little mini-ITX-PC for zeroshell.
but i don’t think there will be so much connections, cause wo don’t have such a lot of guests^^

i think there will never be more than 5 users at the same time surfing over that server and so i think this souldn’t be a problem, even for a 1200mhz single-core processor!?!

it would be great, if you can tell me, how to integrate the captive-portal user-string in the syslog.

thanx 🙂

i just remembered the “accounting”-tab in the “captive portal”-menu. will there only be things like cost, duration and traffic or will this allow you to see all connections by a specific user?