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Hello Glesov;

Of course you can change it to sda1… I would just create another partition where I would copy the rootfs contents in; (from the rootfs file (which is gzipped) and the sda2 (in your case), which contains the /sbin, /modules > /lib/modules and … m… /usr I think (I just halted my zeroshell device don’t know yet)..

And Tucker: Just as it is; it seems to perform well in a medium-load environment, with the 6 nic’s on the one LINITX device, and the 4 nics on the other device (forgot about the names – see previous post)

I have just a small problem – not hardware related though. It’s just a pitty because it’s aim is to replace an old cisco pix: it doesn’t support multiple NAT – which the PIX does, to manage multiple IP adresses to be distributed from the PIX to some LAN – machines doing some webserving, tunnel-services or smtp receiving,…

Well, of course it supports multiple NAT – hey – it’s linux so drop some extra iptable-rules in the boot scripts and you’re done. It’s just lovely to have it in an interface, so I don’t have to search for it after five years – when this ZeroShell story is long gone and forgot in a corner doin’ a hell of a lot things…