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@fulvio wrote:

I don’t feel that the use of UPnP [..] on a router is a good idea. [..]

with the NAT enabled [..] hosts are automatically protected from malicious access incoming [..]

UPnP tells of doing it you expose your LAN to security risks [..]

ZeroShell firewall UPnP aware, you should install linux-igd package [..]

I thought you might say that. Anyone running this software should be knowledgable enough to know how their implementaion effects security.

If you had your firewall configured to “deny anything not permitted” (Corporate LAN) then UPnP might foil your security plan. Most service providers and home users run a “permit everything that is not excluded” type of firewall. This type of malware is usually able to traverse a NAT box. Anyway, just another opinion.

I had been looking at that package and am glad that you think it will work. Thanks.