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there are also dd tool for Windows and Flashnul tools you can use to write image to HDD or CF. Both are free.
Flashnul could b used only with flash drives and also (and mainly) is a very good usb-flash specific test tool. The author’s page is in russian but to use it as dd you should type something like:

flashnul H: -L zeroshell.img

H: – corresponding usb flash drive (CF)
-L means Load image to ^ (u could also Save image from usb with -S)
zeroshell.img – decompressed image

With that flashnul tool i got success with 1gb image. It made 3 partitions but i made a fatal error. Since first partition become 13 megs instead of initial capacity of my CF(4Gb) i was scared about loosing capacity of CF and deleted all the partitions using WinXP admin tools. After that i couldnt recreate CF partitions for a long time using this and other tools and methods…

2 saadakhtar
You dont have to download a 700megs linux live distro. It useless cause you could use the ZS which is much smaller and available right here right now :). Save img to usb-pen-flash-drive then burn ZS iso to CD. boot up ZS with usb-pen-flash-drive connected and choose S 2go2 the shell. Then you just need to mount usb-pen-flash-drive to access it’s folder with image and give shell command like

gunzip ZS.gz>/dev/hdd

and thats all you really need 2do.
If a HDD has some partitions you can also manage it with ZS’s shell using fdisk or cfdisk (im not sure but i guess 1 reboot needed after fdisk/cfdisk managing).