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i am uploading the ghost image of my drive rt now.
i tried making a iso for the image but that didnt work.
i successfully made a installer cd using ghost where the pc would boot off the cd into ghost and then you follow simple steps and burn the image to drive. worked like charm for me but cant seem to make a iso that works.
so i am finally uploading the GHO file. burn the file to a disk. Just a data cd nothing fancy. All you need to do is get Norton Ghost and make a bootable floppy out of it and then start your pc with it and burn the GHO image to disk from cd and you are done.
i was trying to get the ghost bootable floppy files so that everyone could make ghost floppy but that didnt work either.
however i will keep on trying to get a bootable image iso for you all.
if you guys have any other good HDD backup program that i can use then please do suggest.

Please goto
usernid: zeroshell
passwd: zeroshell

and download the GHO image.