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You cannot assign x.x.x.128 to the BOND00 at the client site, because this IP address belongs to the server site x.x.x.128/27 subnet. If you do it then routing tables will be not valid. Futhermore x.x.x.128 is not a host IP but is your network address. The valid IPs are in the range x.x.x.129-x.x.x.158 (x.x.x.159 is the broadcast).
The only possibility to do what you want is to use the bridging at the server site. If for example, at the moment you have assigned to the ETH00 the public IP x.x.x.158 you need to encapsulate ETH00 in the BRIDGE00 and then assign x.x.x.158 to the BRIDGE00. If you use the “Create Bridge” function of the console, the migration of the IP (ETH00->BRIDGE00) is automatically performed.
After the BOND00 (server site) is created you just have to insert it in the BRIDGE00.
Now at the client site you can assign to the BOND00 an IP of the subnet x.x.x.128/27.