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I’m having some issues here and hope you can shed some light on the subject for me.

What we need is the following..

1. Zeroshell server hosted at a datacenter with a 100Mb/s connection and 32 IP addresses (x.x.x.128 – x.x.x.159)

2. A zeroshell server located at a clients site, connected to the internet by 2 ADSL routers (each have a dynamic public address and do NAT). Router 1 has a LAN addresss, router 2 has a LAN address and ETH0 on zeroshell box is Eth1 on zeroshell is and there are several client PC’s with 10.0.0.x addresses which get to the internet through the zeroshell box.

What I want to do is to create 2 vpn’s to the hosted server and bond them to get increased bandwidth. I will need to have one of my public addresses ( x.x.x.128) assigned to the zeroshell server at the client site so that we can feed smtp traffic etc into their exchange server.

I have managed to create the vpn’s and to bond them, however I am now having issues when I try to assign an IP to the zeroshell box at the client site. I think it is to do with routing as I only have a single block of 32 IP’s to play with.

Is what I’m after possable?? Currently I have the vpn’s and the bond setup but can’t route any traffic up/down the bonded connection.

Any help would be appreciated, and if you could give example IP structures etc, that would be great.