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Hi zevlag!

Firstly – thanks very much again for your patch for the > 100 virtual servers – I don’t know what we would have done without it! Works a treat!

We would also like a solution for this PAT / VS issue. I think it’s the same one – basically, we have an email server configured on a VS on a public IP which NATs through to a private VLAN – lets call it VLANA).

The email server can send and receive email fine to all users / servers on the WAN interface (outside).

However we have servers inside the firewall – say on VLANB that also need to be able to send email to this server – alas – it’s not possible.

I have had to do a horrible ‘internal DNS / email domain’ fix which isn’t perfect.

So I would really like to be able to achieve this ‘NAT Reflection’ functionality in our setup – as one person pointed out on this list – it works great in PFSense.

I only need this on one or two VS’s so if it’s a line in a script somewhere that would also work.

Cheers – hope you are well!