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@ppalias wrote:

The default line is

/dev/cdrom              /cdrom              iso9660 ro 0 0

but you were change it in your tutor to:

/dev/cdrom /cdrom ext2 ro 0 0

. So i was guessing you mean than this “cdrom” is really hda5 due to ext2 fs and cause there is no hda5 devices described at all. So you can write just rw instead of ro.
Anyway i got the bootup menu with my fat32 formatted CF using the handy tool Universal USB Installer. but when it tries 2 boot it searches for CDROMs (i c the Probing CDROM msgs) but there is no any connected. So it gives up and hangs with kernel panic bla-bla-bla something about VFS and block(1,2)…
Im working now on initrd.gz and rootfs changes (iso’s original used for now). Dunno if it helps me out…
PS It is the 3rd day im trying to install ZS to CF with no result… im not sure about my patience….