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I never thought to try the WRAP image. The system is compact Intel 440LX based system with a pentium II 266MHz, onboard LAN, audio, keyboard/mose ports, etc. Its basically designed to be an Internet appliance. When I get home I’ll see if I can get its model number and more specific info.

Basically, the issue with grub was two things:

1. When booting with the CF card, the screen would be blank with “GRUB” and a blinking cursor. Booting on my regular PC works fine. I later discovered that attaching a floppy drive (not a permanent solution since the case doesn’t have room for a floppy) would get past this point.

2. After attaching the floppy drive, it said “GRUB Geom Error”. I figured this was due to me having to set the hard disk type in the BIOS to “User” and manually input the sectors, heads, etc. in the bios. “Auto” would never find the disk. All research online basically said “update your bios”, for which none are available.

So I worked to install lilo and now zeroshell works great! I plan to put it into production on my home network as a router tonight or tomorrow, so it won’t be readily available for experimentation. But I do have a friend who will be using the exact same setup.